One Company = Transparency

Vertically Integrated

What does that mean? Well, in short, no solar subcontractors, ever. Better Earth is responsible and accountable for every phase of your solar project. The Better Way ensures the highest transparency, communication, standards, and quality levels in an industry riddled with imposters. This foundational differentiator enables Better Earth to provide our clients with an exceptional solar experience you’ll want to tell your friends and family about.

Zero $ Down

Own Your Power

The rumors are true. Solar is not only the right decision for the planet, it’s also the right decision for your wallet. For qualifying homeowners, we offer zero-out-of-pocket financing where your payments will be less than your current average electric bill, and you will not pay a dime for your solar system until it is installed, activated, and producing your power.

Peace of Mind

25 Year Production Guarantee

Coupled with our timeline guarantee and on top of our standard manufacturer equipment warranties, we offer a 25 Year Production Guarantee. That means if your solar system doesn’t produce the expected amount of energy each year, we will cut you a check for the difference.

Top Quality

Speedy Timelines

At Better Earth, we prioritize speed without compromising quality. Our installation process is swift, beginning with immediate site surveys and progressing through efficient permitting to timely installations. Our install teams are trained, career professionals who take pride in ensuring each project is completed correctly the first time, ensuring a quick and smooth transition to your sustainable energy solution.

Certified Value

Pearl Certified Installation

Pearl bills itself as the CarFax of energy efficiency. We are proud to be a Pearl certified installer, offering our homeowners an appraisal-ready verification of the value of your new solar system at absolutely zero additional cost.

Premium Aesthetics

Designed With You in Mind

We only use premium Tier-1 Black-On-Black modules for our installations. With Better Earth, your home will look like it’s from the future, increasing Curb appeal and attracting buyers if you ever decided to move from your home.

Keep the Lights On

Battery Storage Solutions

At Better Earth, we understand that energy storage is critical to the stability and resilience of the energy grid, and that’s why we’re proud to offer premium battery storage solutions. As the demand for renewable energy grows, battery storage provides a way to store the energy generated by solar panels during the day and use it at night or during peak hours when the demand for electricity is highest. We offer a variety of battery storage options, including SolarEdge, Tesla, and Franklin, to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our customers. With Better Earth’s premium battery storage solutions, our customers can enjoy reliable and cost-effective energy that reduces their carbon footprint while providing stability to the energy grid. Contact us today to learn more about our battery storage options and how we can help you meet your energy needs.

Track Your Usage

24/7 Monitoring

Monitor your entire solar system in real-time from anywhere, utilizing your included SolarEdge web application. Know what your panels are producing day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month forever. With real-time power flow illustrations, easy-to-read charts, and comparative graphs, you have the ability to monitor your system’s performance for the lifetime of the system.