We're donating $750.00 for every install through October 31st.

Hey LA, help fund Recontained by going solar with Better Earth!

That's right, $750 straight to Recontained's iFundWomen campaign! You will also receive a $250 Gift Card to Recontained to use for yourself.



Tonia Soteros and Britt Kagan are true visionaries. Better Earth is beyond thrilled to support these amazing women and their mission to save our planet - one bottle at a time.

Check out Recontained's iFundWomen campaign: 




Solar is simply better.

Solar energy is the ultimate and most important source of renewable energy for all of us. The switch to sustainable green energy is non-negotiable for the preservation of our beautiful planet, and going solar is the best way for you to do your part! Zero money out of pocket, day one savings potential, own your power, and build equity into your home. For homeowners who qualify, it's the no brainer sustainable solution you've been searching for.

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Better Partnerships

Better Earth’s focused collaborative partnership culture seeks out other exceptional sustainability-minded companies & Recontained is just that! We are proud to deliver Recontained products in our Customer Gift Bags at each install as  part of our ongoing effort to promote sustainable solutions to our clients.

Go Solar!

Go Solar with Recontained and Better Earth

Help fund and Receive a $250 Gift Card To Recontained When You Go Solar with Better Earth!


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