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Book Virtual Appointment
The Love Our Local Families Project Limited Time Event HAS OFFICIALLY ENDED

Receive $1000 the day of your install.

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1. Book Virtual Appointment

Schedule to speak with your solar consultant via video conference or a simple phone call.

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2. Go Solar Zero-Money-Out-of-Pocket

In the appointment, your consultant will build a pinpoint accurate solar system for your home based on your home's energy needs.

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3. Schedule Your Site Audit

Once you have selected your solar system,  we will schedule a site audit to ensure that everything checks out. Our technicians do not need to enter your home to complete the audit.

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4. Get Installed and Receive $1000!

Not only will solar save you money day one, we're paying you an extra $1000 at install to take care of those previous quarantine bills.

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Helping get cash in our community's hands in response to Covid-19

Things sure have changed around our neighborhoods, huh? In this trying time, we at Better Earth have made it our goal to be a source of light and positivity in our communities. We are going about that the best way we know how: Saving families money by switching to solar.

With more people at home every day and an uncertain timeline for when things will return to normal, we know non-solar homeowners are going to see some of their highest utility bills they have witnessed.

We want to help bring some certainty back to our new customers’ lives which is why we want to quarantine your energy bill by paying you $1000 when you go solar with us.

As a solar company who talks savings every day with our customers, we have an acute understanding of the value of a dollar. And now, more than ever, we know $1000 will go a long way in paying some unexpectedly high bills, for extra groceries, for some toys for that puppy you just adopted (a personal quarantine story favorite of ours), or donating to a local business or friend who’s struggling.

We offer this with the utmost sincerity. We also feel honored and privileged to be considered an essential business by the government still capable of going to work every day, and putting food on our own family's tables. While some industries and missions have been brought to a temporary halt, we are still working every day to transition the world to renewable energy to create a more sustainable and better earth.

We are excited for you to take control of your energy bills, and for you to join us on that mission.

- The Better Earth Family

Terms and conditions apply and are subject to change at anytime. Cash amount may vary for small systems sized under 5 KiloWatts. Contact your solar consultant for a full list and explanation. 


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