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See If You Qualify

We are obssessed with creating the best customer experience in the world.

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Reviews straight from our customers

Customer obsession is the foundation of our business.

Why? The golden rule. We treat you the way we wanted to be treated. Yes, we have the fastest installation timelines in the industry. Yes, we only use the best equipment available on the market. And yes, we train all of our solar representatives to be the most knowledgable and helpful professionals in the game.

For us at Better Earth, it goes so much deeper than that. We understand the intimacy and the trust required for us to do a home improvement job on your home. Our mission is to create the greatest possible experience for you and your family so your transition away from dirty utility power to clean efficient solar energy is seamless and fun! 

We know solar is the greatest product in the world. We also know that when we deliver the greatest customer experience in the world, and you're saving money by leveraging the power of the sun, then maybe you'll will tell a couple friends about that amazing experience. Potentially, you will also leave us a 5 star review. That way, we can continue to grow our business, expand into new markets, help more homeowners go green, ultimately create a bigger impact on our environment, and achieve our mission to create a better earth.

We thank you for being here. We thank you for choosing Better Earth.

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