Chimera x Better

Owner and CEO of Chimera Country Club, Tom Burke, and Director of Strategic Partnerships, Ty Rucarean, announce our exciting new partnership.


Turf Reduction at Chimera

Nevada is a dessert so keeping a golf course in good shape there requires lots of water, but Chimera has taken a smart sustainable approach to reduce the amount of green grass, returning out-of-play areas to their natural dessert state. 


Owner Tom Burke Tells His Solar Story

Tom is somewhat of a technology pioneer with over 350 smart home automations, and he went solar over 5 years ago. Tom talks going solar for the economics, the innovation, and the savings.


Sustainability in Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a dynamic hotbed for global activity and innovation, and it's one of the many reasons we are so excited to join forces with Chimera to bring about a more sustainable Sin City.


Go Solar with Chimera and Better Earth

Receive $500 to Chimera Golf Club When You go Solar with Better Earth!


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