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Live In California? 7 Reasons You Should Go Solar Today

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2019

Energy needs have been on a steady increase in recent times, primarily due to the changes in climatic conditions all over the globe. At present, focus has shifted to cheaper and more sustainable sources of energy such as solar energy.

According to recent studies, residents of California have embraced the sun as a source of electrical energy with California being one of the top five cities in the US that consumes solar energy.

Wondering why this trend has been established? Here are some of the top reasons why you should go solar in California.

California is Solar-Friendly

California is a solar-friendly state. The state has pioneered solar policies with notable investments in solar installation. Solar supportive policies that have been established in California include the carbon emission trading program and investments. The solar-friendliness of California is due to its abundant sunlight, and progressive policies. The state understands the need for us to convert to green renewable energy, and eventually move completely away from the antiquated power grids.

Solar Energy Saves Money

With the rising cost of other sources of electricity, solar energy is especially welcomed because of its cost-effectiveness. With solar energy, California residents are able to save lots of money on electricity. This is because utility bills significantly reduce when you opt for solar energy. The initial cost of procuring solar energy is also particularly low, especially when compared to other forms of energy.

Solar Energy Preserves The Environment

The effects of the negative attitude of humans towards the environment are already manifesting. Switching to solar energy is a great way to save the environment, in addition to the numerous other benefits. Solar energy has no known harmful emission. It simply involves the application of the energy of the sun.

Net-Energy-Metering (NEM)

The net-energy-metering program allows you to save even more with solar energy. The program compensates users of solar energy for the amount of energy they send back to the grid. This works with a time of use billing system.

Tax Credit Incentive

The current tax credit incentive by the federal government is another primary reason to opt for solar energy if you live in California. The federal tax credit allows you to deduct 26% of the cost of your solar system from your tax liability when you finance or purchase a solar system. You are not eligible for the tax credit with a Power-Purchase-Agreement or Lease option which is something to keep in mind when choosing what makes most sense for your unique situation.

Own Your Power!

Own your power like you own your home. Instead of shelling out your hard earned dollars to the utility company each month, you switch to a cheaper solar financing bill where each goes into the equity of your ownership!

Solar Energy Increases the Value of Homes

Department of Energy research has established that solar energy increases the value of homes. Homes with a solar system spend less time on listings across California. The improved value of homes is a long-term benefit of solar energy.

Finally, solar energy offers so many benefits to the residents of California. Apart from saving lots of money on electricity bills, been eco-friendly and increasing the value of your home, solar energy also comes with power ownership. Go solar today with Better Earth.


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