Be Better Every Single Day

Everyday our team wakes up with a laser focus to make the planet we live on better and more sustainable. We don’t see solar as just a business or just an industry. We see spreading our message and getting more green energy on the earth as an ethical necessity. That’s why most of our team works seven days a week, and if you’re working with one of our highly trained Sustainability Professionals you can reach them practically anytime 24/7/365.


Is That Sustainable?

We ask this question before we make any decision at Better Earth. Business cards? They better be recycled and biodegradable. Our merchandise? Polyester upcycled from ocean plastic and printed with biodegradable ink. We even get onto our team if they’re using a single-use plastic bottle at the office. When you’re conscious and thoughtful about your decisions, you see it’s not that difficult to make the right decisions for the earth.

Building Our Brand Through Partnerships

We are constantly reaching out to symbiotic businesses that are either sustainable by nature or would like to become more sustainable to partner up and spread our stories together. We work with golf courses, apparel brands, real estate agents, social media influencers, and more to help start conversations around sustainability in places they may not otherwise be. Our number one goal is to increase awareness around the need for a more sustainable future and create a more eco-conscious consumer base whether that be through converting homeowners to solar energy or cutting down an individual’s consumption of single-use plastic bottles.



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